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Women's 13 inch Microfiber Boots


The DAWGS Australian-style Women’s 13″ Microfiber boot will keep your feet and legs warm.
This boot is built for comfort, padded with a memory foam insole and faux shearling lining.
Featuring a durable and slip resistant rubber sole.
The round toe and 13 inch taller shaft gives this boot a chic, stylish look.
Care Instruction :

Do not leave your Dawgs exposed to extreme heat whil they are not being worn (i.e. in direct sunlight, near heating vents, or in a hot vehicle)
Dawgs can be washed in warm water with a mild detergent as necessary. Air dry or dry with a soft cloth.
Dawgs can be sanitized in 10 parts water to 1 part bleach for approximately 10 minutes. Allow Dawgs to air dry or dry with soft cloth.
Fleece Dawgs insoles can be removed and washed on cold in the washing machine. We do not recommend putting Fleece Dawgs insoles in the dryer.
Be sure to spray your new Sheep Dawgs with an all weather protectant spray (for all synthetic fibers), or a suede/leather protector (cow suede & lambskin products) prior to wearing them outside. Spray as needed for the lifetime of your Sheep Dawgs.
Do not submerge Sheep Dawgs in water – spot cleaning only! We do not recommend washing your boots in the washing machine.
To remove mud and dirt, use a soft shoe brush once the soiled area is dry.
Cow Suede and Lambskin boots can be cleaned with a suede and leather cleaner.
To clean shearling lining, use a wool cleaner.. Alphabet Deal