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Solar Motion Sensor Light


This LED solar wall light features 8 Cool White Front LEDs, absorbing power from sunlight and providing you with hours of illumination in the darkness,while the back features 2 warm white rear accent LEDs. With motion detection, your area will be automatically illuminated in a bright 200 lumen mode fora continuous 15 seconds. When motion is no longer detected, the solar powered outdoor LED light returns to a low 5 lumen standby mode in darkness.Being charged fully in sunlight, there are no wires or electrical work needed and this fixture features an easy-to-install 2 wall anchor mounting system.

200 Lumen Bright Mode when Motion Detected in Darkness
15 Second Continued Bright Operation After Motion Stops
5 Lumen Standby Mode in Darkness
2 Warm White Rear Accent LEDs (3000K)
8 Cool White Front Illumination LEDs (5000K)
Wide 120° Beam Angle
PIR Sensor for Motion Detection
Integrated 0.8W Mono-Crystalline Silicon Solar Panel
Lithium-Ion Battery Powered
Charging Time: 6 Hours in good sunlight
Working Time: 3 x 6 days
Dimensions: 3.8 W X 6.0 H X 3.25 D
Operating Temperature (Charging) -10°C/14°F to 40°C/104°F
Operating Temperature (Working) -20°C/-4°F to 55°C/131°F
Includes: (2) Plastic Wall Anchors, (2) Screws & Unlock Pin. Alphabet Deal