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Professional Neon Color Hair Curler


Show off your new trendy hair curling style with this Neon Color Hair Curler! This lightweight protects your hair against heat and burns while its novel spiral design lets you create voluminous and beautiful curls
Durable and Easy to use
Ideal for salon, home and travel
On/off switch with power indicator light
Heats up and reaches up to curling temperature in 20 seconds
Extra long cord for unrestricted styling
Available in 4 colors:
Orange, Green, Purple, and Blue
Separate about a one inch section of hair and secure using the hair clipper.
Guide and Twist hair along curler up to your roots. Hold for 5-10 sec for a soft curl and 20 secs for a tighter curl.
Release the hair clipper and enjoy perfect curls.
Dimension : 16 x 15 x 3 inch. Alphabet Deal