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Sometimes it takes sometime to process your payment confirmation as wire transfer takes some time to receive your payment. Your order will be shipping once you payment is confirmed.
Wire Transfer
Normally, it will take 2-7 business days for us to receive your payment after your wire transfer. Please check your order status again in approximately 7 business days after your wire transfer. If the amount is deducted and your order still have not been placed after 7 days of your payment deduction, Please email at admin@selectyourcoupon.com

‚ÄĘ Sometime it takes some time to process your payment verification as wire transfer takes 2-7 business days to confirm. If your order is still on hold after 10 days of your payment deduction from your account. Please email us admin@selectyourcoupon.com
‚ÄĘ Sometimes stock runs out when you place the order due to high demand of products. The product stays on-hold until new stock comes out. Please email at admin@selectyourcoupon.com if your order stays on-hold for more than 10 business days.

Sometimes orders are closed for security reasons. If you received an email from us please follow the instructions here. If you do not receive an email, you can try to place the order again later.

We are sorry if you have a bad experience with us. If you have initiated a refund ,your payment will be refunded to your account with in 10 to 20 working days. Your patience in this regard will be highly appreciable.
If you have order more than one piece of a product then you would get the product in one package. Sometimes, orders can come into multiple packages due to shipment provider
If you need to swap an item

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Please click on this link to read about our return policy

Please email us at orders@selectyourcoupon.com

Please review our return policy for further proceedings.

Please email us at support@selectyourcoupon.com

Please email us at orders@selectyourcoupon.com within 24 hours of order placing 

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